Washroom & Floor Cleaner

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BioHygiene washroom and floor cleaner features a concentrated formula ideal for taking on tough, ingrained soiling on a variety of surfaces. The eco-friendly formula includes microbes that penetrate deep into porous surfaces to eliminate bad odours, while the biofilm provides lasting residual protection from future grime.

As we’re all working towards improving our environmental impact to meet modern needs and demands, BioHygiene have created an easy transition for companies while being innovative and cost-effective in the process.

BioHygiene replaced harmful and toxic chemicals with ethically sourced biotech, improving human experience and environmental health. This makes the cleaning chemicals naturally gentle on skin, food safe and halal approved.

Free from perfume, alcohol, quat, bactericidal and virucidal, approved to EN1276 & EN14476.

The containers and packaging are recyclable and biodegradable too, but the best part, their products outperform traditional chemicals with plant extracts making BioHygiene the best choice for innovative cleaning solutions.

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