Sustainability Partners

We identify qualified partners to provide a selection of companies who are driving Sustainability as a key objective. The range of companies covers all sectors including; Paper, Cleaning, Janitorial, Chemicals, Tabletop, Glassware, and continues to grow.

Katrin Logo IG Group

Katrin Paper Products

Direct from the forest to the end user.

• 100% Green solution for Tissue paper products, soaps and dispensers
• Unique ‘forest to end user’ chain with proven sustainability
• Responsible and sustainable Finnish forest industry company
• Responsibly managed forests, certified with traceable wood and recycled fibres
• Over 90% fuels used in production are renewable
• Paper is the most hygienic way to dry hands
• Toilet paper, hand towels and soap dispensers with touch free dispensing

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Tork is a part of the global hygiene and health company Essity, recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable companies

• All raw material from wood based fresh fibre FSC or PEFC certified
• 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, 85% renewable or recyclable material by 2025
• Tork PaperCircle is a unique recycling service with collection and recycling of used paper towels, providing a closed loop
• Innovative dispensers and products that reduce usage and waste
• Sustainability platform is: Well being, More from less and Circularity
• Global hygiene and health company with commitment to be carbonneutral by 2050


SCJohnson Professional

A more sustainable solution.

• Proline WAVE 1 litre soap dispenser
• Made from 70% ‘recovered coastal plastic’*
• Sourced from global partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank™
• Each dispenser is equivalent to 16 x 500ml waste plastic bottles
• Foam soap uses 45% less water and 30% less product than traditional lotion soaps**
• SC Johnson Professional’s® manufacturing centre in Denby, UK is a zero waste to landfill site
• SCJP Denby was awarded a gold medal for sustainability by Ecovadis

Lucart EcoNatural

Lucart EcoNatural

100% circular. Environmental and technological breakthrough.

· Toilet paper, handtowels and dispensers are 100% from recycled raw material
· Paper is made from pulp fibres from recycled beverage cartons
· Dispensers are made from recycled polyethylene used in beverage cartons
· Manufactured using only electricity from renewable sources
· Certified ‘Cradle to cradle’ product program
· Climate neutral product
· Circular economy. Production:Use:Recycle:Production


BioHygiene Cleaning Products

Innovative green cleaning solution

• Readily biodegradable and ethically sourced
• Recycled plastic bottles lower CO2e by up to 85%
• Utilises natural technology with microbes, enzymes & plant based derivatives
• Low cost in use from 3p a trigger bottle
• Super concentrated
• Outperforms traditional cleaning chemicals


PVA Hygiene

Water soluble cleaning products.

· Cleaning sachets. Liquid concentrates
· Products for all surfaces, floors, laundry, dishwasher, and washrooms
· Reduced carbon footprint. No water to transport.
· No single use plastics. Reusable bottles
· Pre-dosed formulations. No waste
· Cost effective cleaning solution
· Recyclable and compostable packaging
· Made in the UK

syr clean logo

SYR Cleaning Equipment

Switch to a more sustainable choice.

• SYR ‘Switch’ products made from recycled plastic
• Switch products reduce virgin plastic usage
• High quality construction and ergonomics
• Innovative product solutions reduce waste, save time and use less chemicals
• Zero production waste to landfill
• Commitment to reduce impact on the environment

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Robert Scott Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning is essential and we offer solutions that have a low impact on the planet.

· Using less plastic. Less chemicals and eco-effective solutions
· Recycled and recyclable materials in manufacture
· Cloths made from recycled material. Mops made from cotton waste. FSC brooms
· Made in the UK
· Target to be Carbon neutral by 2045

banner ig rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Waste Management

• Be prepared for new waste management legislation
• Managed recycling diverts waste to circular economy rather than landfill
• Separating waste reduces costs with less expensive landfill
• 10 year guarantee on products. Durability is a form of sustainability and minimises ecological impact
• Slim Jim recycling stations result in less waste, more recycling and reduced costs
• Case study shows cost savings of 27% by not sending waste for general disposal

UK Bolsius Fine Dining Landscape

Bolsius Professional Candles

Sustainable plant based ingredients.

• Plant based ingredients sourced in Europe
• 100% palm oil free
• Made in Netherlands
• 0% animal or insect products used – Vegan friendly
• Recycled Plastics and materials used
• 100% recyclable products

Sustainability Product Kiln 720x536

Churchill Ceramic Tableware

Innovation and commitment to sustainability.

• Solar panels introduced as sustainable energy source
• Commitment to maximise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact
• Energy efficient kilns reducing gas consumption by 45%
• New manufacturing process with 40% of production once fired
• 100% manufacturing waste recycled rather than sent to landfill
• Made in the UK, reducing carbon footprint


Steelite Ceramic Tableware

Accredited environmental best practice.

• 2022/23 Green Organisation accredited Gold member for environmental best practice
• Lamella system for recycling 90% manufacturing waste and reducing landfill
• ISO14001 commitment to environmental management
• Commitment to reduce waste of raw materials, energy and water
• 2022 results : 99% of waste is recycled
• Lifetime edge chip warranty. Durability reduces usage and helps the environment
• Made in the UK, reducing carbon footprint


Vicrila Glassware

Sustainable, durable and environmental commitment.

• Fully toughened is 5x stronger than standard glassware
• Durability lessens impact on environment because less product used
• ISO14001 confirms commitment to prevent environmental impact
• ISO9001 confirms quality control
• ISO50001 confirms commitment to improve energy usage and effect on environment
• All cartons are made with 100% recycled cardboard

rcr crystal thuong hieu pha le xanh cua italia 4 400x400

RCR Crystal Glassware

Carbon neutral manufacturer using 100% green energy.

• 30,000 sq metres of solar panels
• Electric consumption reduced by 45%
• 40% of water used in production is recycled
• 0% smoke emissions from production
• All products are 100% recyclable

Green Planet

Green Planet Catering Products

Unique collection on environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for all areas of catering.

• Plastic free Hot cups
• Recyclable paper cups
• Paper Cutlery
• Food to go containers. 100% recyclable

100% recyclable and compostable food cartons.

• Paperboard sourced from responsibly managed forests
• Made in the UK from EU sourced materials
• Certified as industrially compostable EN13432
• Recyclable anywhere paper is recycled
• Water based coating not a laminate
• All production waste is recycled
• New initiatives to become Net Zero